Онлайн исследования в России и за рубежом
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With the help of our technologies, we can survey almost* any target groups.


Everyone who interacted or not yet

  • with your ad
  • with your brand
  • with your services

Professions (any, even the most unusual)

  • doctors of any specialization
  • teachers and educators
  • taxi drivers
  • self-employed and self-employed
  • migrant workers and expats
  • nomadic reindeer herders of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area

Geography (any area or point on the world map where internet is available)

  • residents of any country, region, city, village (representative)
  • stadium, park, mall visitors
  • tourists, expats, migrants

Consumers (any brand, product, service)

  • motorists
  • consumers of halal products
  • bought a house

Life Situations

  • Families with children under 1 year old
  • Hearing impaired
  • Planning a wedding
  • Looking for a job in another city
  • Residents of houses under renovation

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* We collect individual questions from multiple clients and ask them in one survey aimed at a representative sample of the entire population of the country. This allows you to save money and get reliable results.

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* To calculate the total cost, send a request

* To calculate the total cost, send a request

* To calculate the total cost, send a request

Combining two recruitment methods of respondents

In the process, we use the strengths of each method

  • Samples without professional respondents and financial motivation
  • Regular omnibus Platopros